All our Stories

All Our Stories

One of the many grants given by The Heritage Lottery Fund was one of a series of small amounts upto £10000 to fund a project which was to be used by local communities to investigate different aspects of their locality. No stipulation was places on what was to be investigated but did have to be approved by the HLF. The name All Our Stories was the name given to this project by the lottery fund.

Award to the BHS

Bushmills History and Folklore Society decided to apply as they had been told of an ancient graveyard and a very old church/chapel which had all but disappeared. This grant allowed us to purchase various pieces of equipment for use, which the society did not own, to record our efforts in trying to discover their origins.

With the help of many local organisations and local people we managed to do an investigatory dig on the graveyard. At the present time we cannot did the church as it is a scheduled building, but in the future……